Gratitude Journal: March 25, 2018

Last week I started an online Gratitude Journal. On a regular basis, I will be blogging about what I’m grateful for at the moment. Life is tough. When it seems like nothing is going your way, it can be hard to feel grateful. But I believe there’s always something that can put a smile on your face.


March 25, 2018:

  • Good physical health – the ability to go to the gym, get exercise and build strength.
  • Modern medicine and technology.
  • Family that send you photos of your nephews and niece. When you live far from home, this means a lot.
  • Making new friends.
  • Friends that lend you awesome books.
  • Friends that will go on impromptu movie dates with you.
  • For opportunities to hear people share their success stories. I strongly believe that we need to celebrate with others when they succeed and be happy for them.
  • Mud. As much as I don’t like constantly having a dirty vehicle, mud means we received moisture and it’s now melting – which hopefully means spring will soon be here.
  • Baking – I love baking for other people. Cookies, anyone?!

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