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Wordless Wednesday: Cross Country Skiing Fun

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Wordless Wednesday: A Snow Day on the Farm

Farm Life · Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: A Winter Sunset on the Farm

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An Epic Day on the Slopes

I’ve found that March skiing is either really good or really bad. This past weekend we got lucky and had an epic day of skiing at Sunshine Village near Banff, Alberta. Lots of snow the week before resulted in deep powder and amazing conditions. Here are some photos from our day on the slopes.

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#WeAreWinter: This About Sums Up Canada

The hashtag WeAreWinter has been trending on Twitter in Canada during the recent Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.  A Mexican friend, who moved to Canada a couple years ago, recently said she’s noticed that Canada seems to have about two or three months of summer and the rest of the year is winter. Yeah,… Continue reading #WeAreWinter: This About Sums Up Canada