An Arizona Snowman

Travelling through Arizona on a recent vacation, I was reminded that we often take things in life for granted. In this case it was snow. As someone who grew up on the Canadian Prairies surrounded by deep snow and cold temperatures during the winter months, I never thought twice about snow. You knew we were... Continue Reading →

Where’s Rudolph?

Several years ago while backpacking in Europe I visited my friend Josefin in Sweden. She grew up in northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle. And a special kind of deer are farmed in this area - reindeer. This past weekend I found these special animals at a Christmas market near Calgary, Alberta. They were a... Continue Reading →

We’re Not in Manitoba Anymore

I grew up skiing on the hills of Manitoba - not just once in a while, but almost every weekend on the hill close to my family farm. So last weekend I went into my first mountain skiing experience thinking I knew what I was doing, but it quickly became clear to me that this... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: New Life on the Farm

Calving is in full swing on my family farm in southern Manitoba. My young farmer brother was kind enough to snap the following photos of some of our cute baby calves to share with you all. My family says that the unseasonably mild winter across the Prairies has made calving easier. I've always loved animals,... Continue Reading →

My Olympic Bobsleigh Experience

As I squeezed into the tight bobsleigh my thoughts flashed to the 1990s movie Cool Runnings. I should have practiced in the bathtub, I thought. Too late now. I was about to whip down a narrow, twisting iced track, along with my Winnipeg friend Britta and her boyfriend Ben at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park

This past Monday was the Family Day holiday in Alberta. I spent part of the day exploring nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park, which is Canada's largest urban park. The Bow River and Fish Creek run through the park, which has approximately 30 kilometres of paved trails and about 50 kilometres of shale trails. It was... Continue Reading →

It’s Story Time

A good story can be repeated over and over again and it never loses its appeal. And there are some experiences in life that make good stories. Of course, often in the moment you're not thinking about the potential good story that will come out of it. Here's an example. During University I went to... Continue Reading →

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