A Walk in the Park

This past Monday was the Family Day holiday in Alberta. I spent part of the day exploring nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park, which is Canada’s largest urban park. The Bow River and Fish Creek run through the park, which has approximately 30 kilometres of paved trails and about 50 kilometres of shale trails.

It was a beautiful day and the long trails were busy with families walking their dog, and people jogging and biking. During my two and a half hour walk in the park I captured these photos to share with you. Take a walk with me!

Entering Fish Creek Park.
Map of Fish Creek Park.
The frozen fish creek.
A mountain bike path in the park.
Part of the paved path through the park and one of the many new bridges.
A path through the park surrounded by evergreens.
Stairs to a shale path in the park.
I came across this old barn. I love barns!
I met this little creature. He was enjoying some nuts someone had left for him.
A self-portrait of the girl behind the lens.

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