Wordless Wednesday: A Walk in the Park

This past weekend I had a special guest - my mom. I always enjoy our mother-daughter time. Sunday was a beautiful spring day and we spent time walking in nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park. Here are some photos from our walk.          

Walking Nature’s Boardwalk

This past weekend, while on a camping trip in the mountains of British Columbia, we stopped at a few roadside trails in Glacier National Park of Canada. These were short boardwalk trails called Hemlock Grove, Skunk Cabbage and Giant Cedars. We entered a rainforest at Hemlock Grove; toured through a marsh environment at Skunk Cabbage; and saw many... Continue Reading →

Crossing the Finish Line

I was up at 5:30 a.m. and less than four hours later it was all over... Yesterday I participated in the Calgary Marathon 10 kilometre event. I ran/walked through the streets of Cowtown with several of my coworkers. I'm proud of myself and my fellow coworkers for finishing strong. In the past I've participated in... Continue Reading →

A Walk in the Park

This past Monday was the Family Day holiday in Alberta. I spent part of the day exploring nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park, which is Canada's largest urban park. The Bow River and Fish Creek run through the park, which has approximately 30 kilometres of paved trails and about 50 kilometres of shale trails. It was... Continue Reading →

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