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Wordless Wednesday: A Prairie Photo

Last Friday I bid farewell to my Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council (MRAC) coworkers. We enjoyed lunch together and they surprised me with a goodbye gift, along with a very thoughtful card. I must admit that I teared up reading the card. And I just had to share a photo of the gift below. It’s a… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday: A Prairie Photo

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Embarking on a new adventure

In a recent blog post I talked about being adventurous, and I think I’ve spent a good chunk of my life being adventurous in various ways. So why stop now? I’m excited to share that I will soon be embarking on a new adventure. I’ve accepted a position as Public Relations Account Executive for AdFarm, an agricultural marketing… Continue reading Embarking on a new adventure

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Farming fish in Manitoba

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the grand opening of the Manitoba-Canadian Model Aqua-Farm Initiative. The aqua-farm is located on Rudy and Leslie Reimer’s farm near Warren, Man. Aquaculture produces more than 50 per cent of seafood consumed globally, according to Jeff Eastman, aquaculture business development specialist with Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural… Continue reading Farming fish in Manitoba

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Counting sheep in New Zealand

This past December I boarded a plane and flew around the world to New Zealand and Australia. I spent most of my time on an organized tour in New Zealand. As I travelled across both the north and south islands, I was able to take in some of the country’s agriculture. In January I shared my observations… Continue reading Counting sheep in New Zealand

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Recipe: Ritz-approved muffins

Who doesn’t love a good recipe? Therefore I’ve decided to occasionally share one of my favourite recipes, or recipes that come with an interesting story, on this blog. I’ll also try to post photos of the baking/cooking process and/or the final product. Awhile ago federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz stopped by the Manitoba Rural Adaptation… Continue reading Recipe: Ritz-approved muffins

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The who’s who of the ag industry

After returning to the office from a recent agriculture event, my boss asked me who was in attendance. I replied, “Basically the who’s who of the ag industry.” Later that day I started thinking more about that. I attend a lot of ag events, meetings, seminars etc. and it’s always the usual suspects in attendance.… Continue reading The who’s who of the ag industry

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Agriculture is more than food

Approximately a month ago an event called Agriculture in the City took place at the Forks Market in downtown Winnipeg. This was my third Ag in the City event, which is the brainchild of Richard Lavergne with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Manitoba branch. Every year I look forward to this event as I feel it’s important… Continue reading Agriculture is more than food