Year of Joy: November

Looking back on November, it all seems a blur to me. It was a whirlwind month with lots of busyness at work. Once again, many things brought me joy but there are a few things that top the list. My parents 43rd wedding anniversary! In this day and age, it is rare to find couples... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Takeaways from #AgCatalyst: Part 1

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the AgCatalyst social media conference in Minneapolis. This was the second annual AgCatalyst conference, presented by AdFarm. This year's theme was "It's All About the Content" and featured various top-notch speakers from the agribusiness and food industries. As I do after most conferences I attend, I decided... Continue Reading →

Successful Marketing requires Listening

"You have TWO ears and ONE mouth for a reason."  Lately, I've heard this said a few times, and although it may be overused, I like it because it makes a good point. In a nutshell - listen more, speak less. It's a simple concept yet difficult for many people. Back in high school I... Continue Reading →

Carving up controversy: PETA is at it again

With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching, the animal rights group PETA has decided to once again target turkeys. But this time, not only do they have their eyes set on turkeys, but also on our children. The new marketing campaign includes billboards in all major Canadian cities that read, "Kids: If you wouldn't eat your dog, why... Continue Reading →

Building Brand Loyalty: Me and Civics

In the marketing world we talk about brand loyalty. This is when consumers become committed to a brand and make repeated purchases. Customers who are loyal to certain brands will make consistent purchases regardless of price or convenience. Last weekend I came across a great example of brand loyalty - myself and Honda Civic cars.... Continue Reading →

What’s your Personal Brand?

In the marketing world we talk a lot about brands and branding. So what is a brand? Here are a few definitions I found by doing a quick Google search: A brand is a set of perceptions and images that represent a company, product or service. While many people refer to a brand as a logo, tag... Continue Reading →

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