Carving up controversy: PETA is at it again

With Canadian Thanksgiving approaching, the animal rights group PETA has decided to once again target turkeys.

But this time, not only do they have their eyes set on turkeys, but also on our children. The new marketing campaign includes billboards in all major Canadian cities that read, “Kids: If you wouldn’t eat your dog, why eat a turkey? Go vegan.” The billboard also features an animal that is a cross between a turkey and a Jack Russell Terrier dog.

PETA's new Thanksgiving billboard taking aim at turkeys.
PETA’s new Thanksgiving billboard taking aim at turkeys.

To be honest I wasn’t surprised to see yet another outlandish campaign by PETA. It’s what they do. Of course, that doesn’t make it right. But what really irks me about this campaign is that they’re targeting kids. It’s bad enough to target adults with their baseless and just plain ridiculous marketing but now children.

A PETA representative said the ad’s intent is to get children and their parents thinking about why some animals are consumed as food but not others. 

But in my opinion there’s nothing to think about. In our western culture, animals such as cattle, pigs and yes, turkeys, are raised for food and other by-products. And other animals such as dogs and cats are raised as pets.

Dog = pet

Turkey = food

It’s a simple as that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, PETA wants you to think there’s something wrong with that.

Growing up on a farm I learned very quickly that our cattle were not pets. While I will admit to becoming attached to some baby calves after they were born, I knew that when they got older and bigger they would eventually end up on my dinner plate or someone else’s. And that’s OK. These animals are part of a healthy diet for us. I’ve always said that I believe we need to eat from all the food groups to be healthy.

Parents, if your children see this PETA billboard and start asking questions, I ask you to please explain the difference between pets and non-pets to them. And that some animals are meant to be consumed as food and some aren’t.

Once again, PETA is carving up controversy at a prime time. I’m not buying it and neither should you and your children.

Eat your turkey and pet your dog and have a Happy Thanksgiving.



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  1. And dogs just don’t taste very good. Great post T! Animal Rights people used to come into the barns where we (as kids) were showing cattle and try and tell us what we were doing was wrong. They didn’t like it when I told them these “show” cattle were treated 100 times better than I treated myself. And that’s a fact.

  2. How do vegans not get that we are omnivores? All they have to do is look at the teeth structure of a human being.

    Of course it is much better to feed your child a tofurky that is manufactured in a factory (and is probably full of yummy chemicals too!).

    My husband’s parents were vegetarians. His father would use that as an excuse to just have dessert as a main meal because it didn’t contain meat. You can see the goofy thought process right there. Really healthy meal. LOL. My husband has been reformed and will now sit down to a big plate of ribs!

    1. I don’t think that is a fair characterization of most vegans and vegetarians. Most who I have met are very healthy eaters because they have made a conscious choice about their diet and put a lot of thought into what they consume. It is possible to be vegetarian without eating processed food like “tofurky”.

      1. All I can go off of is what I witnessed meal after meal after meal after meal…
        But hey, what do I know , I am only going off years of witnessing it personally rather than urban myth ( my bad).
        Thank you for the comment.
        I guess I have it all wrong too as I watch my cousins vegetarian wife down a bag of Oreos in a sitting ( my side of the family not hubbies….. Goes to show my misinformation transfers across two whole continents, Europe and North America… So I guess there are still a few good veggies on other continents!)

        Thanks for the dialogue. Off to eat a big chunk of cow! Yummy!

        I am Albertan. I eat cow. I wear cow boy boots . And just to tick people off we also own on the coast just to taint perfection.

        Also, you are right, not all veggies eat “tofurky”, my parents in law celebrated Christmas with nut roast. Yum. Childhood memories for my husband of the homey scent of nut roast wafting through the house on Christmas Day. Norman Rockwell got it all wrong, dad carving the nut roast would have been a better picture.

      2. I’m sure there are lots of unhealthy vegetarians out there, just as there are lots of unhealthy omnivores. My point is just that eating vegetarian does not automatically mean the person has a less healthy or more highly processed diet.

  3. I have asked PETA for their plan to end the consumption of animals. If we were to agree to THEIR utopia, do they intend to look after millions of farm animals until they die of old age? Cows, sheep, pigs, turkeys were created by man through generations of selective breeding, domesticating what had been wild animals, for the purpose of FOOD. That is why they exist. I am sure PETA doesn’t want animals in zoos, so they must want those species to go extinct? Or do they want to keep them as pampered pet? Perhaps they should trial run keeping a bull in their backyard.

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