Summing up a challenging first half

It's June 23, 2014. As we approach the mid-year mark, I find myself reflecting on the first half of 2014. If I wanted to sum up this time in my life in one word, I'd choose "challenging." For those of you who are regular readers of this blog, you've probably noticed that I've been unusually... Continue Reading →

From Tractors to Combines: The Equipment Used on the Farm

I originally wrote this blog post for the Calgary Stampede blog leading up to the annual Aggie Days event. Aggie Days is a free, family event taking place April 12 and 13 at Stampede Park in Calgary. I thought I'd share the blog post here as well as some of you may be interested in learning more... Continue Reading →

This is Not a Glorified Petting Zoo

I spent last weekend volunteering at Aggie Days in Calgary surrounded by kids and strollers. I did some people watching and couldn't help but notice how excited the kids were to see all the animals, machinery etc. These things are a novelty for city kids (the majority of Aggie Days attendees are urban folks). I... Continue Reading →

Aggie Days is Back with More New Exciting Displays

Last year I volunteered at the Calgary Stampede Aggie Days and had a great time. Read all about it in last year's blog post. This year I was invited to join the Aggie Days social media committee. I wrote a preview blog post featuring the new exciting displays at this year's event for the Calgary Stampede blog.... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week

After high school I spent a year doing voluntary service in South Bend, Indiana. And while I entered the year with apprehension, it turned out to be one of the best years of my life. During that time I volunteered at three part-time jobs doing mainly administrative work for various not-for-profit agencies. I lived in... Continue Reading →

Bees, Beets, Beans and More

I wrote the following blog post for the Calgary Stampede Aggie Days which takes place April 21 and 22 at Stampede Park, BMO Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Check out the Calgary Stampede blog.  Golden fields of wheat blowing in the breeze and cows lazily grazing in the lush green pasture are the first things that come... Continue Reading →

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