Aggie Days is Back with More New Exciting Displays

Last year I volunteered at the Calgary Stampede Aggie Days and had a great time. Read all about it in last year’s blog post. This year I was invited to join the Aggie Days social media committee. I wrote a preview blog post featuring the new exciting displays at this year’s event for the Calgary Stampede blog. I’ve reposted it below. Check it out. If you’re in the Calgary area on April 13 and 14, I encourage you to attend! This event is a great way to connect farm and food! 

From a honey-loving bear to a life-sized cow to month-old kids, Aggie Days has it all. Don’t miss this free, family event this weekend, April 13 and 14, at BMO Centre in Stampede Park. There will be several new exhibitors in attendance.

The Calgary and District Beekeepers Association is bringing Pierre, the honey-loving bear, to Aggie Days. The beekeepers will also have a display that shows how the bees work in their unique bee society within an easily viewable beehive.

From the honey we eat to Honey the dog. The Calgary Fire Department’s Fire Investigation Unit will have Honey the Dog at Aggie Days. Honey and her handler, fire investigator Brad McDonald, will demonstrate Honey’s remarkable ability to detect chemicals that might have been used to start a fire. Honey is a 52 lb. Labrador Retriever who underwent five weeks of specialized training before she became an official member of the Calgary Fire Department.

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development in Lethbridge is bringing a micro aquaponics system with live plants and fish that can be viewed up close.

The mama goats recently had their babies so the little kids (baby goats) will only be about a month old when they make their first appearance at Aggie Days. They are too cute to miss.


The Calgary Stampede rodeo and draft horse town committees are also joining Aggie Days this year. The Rodeo committee is bringing their Build-A-Cowboy program to the BMO Centre. Test your bronc riding skills on the mechanical horse, slip your hand into a bronc rider’s glove and handle the tack that is used on some of the best bucking stock in the world. The Draft Horse Town committee has a new and improved Incredi-Pull. Test your “horsepower” as you harness up and prepare to see if you can pull more weight than everyone else. They will also have two huge heavy horses for you to meet and pet.

Nutrients for Life will help guests learn about soil science and agricultural sustainability through hands-on displays. They will show us that plants, like people, require nutrients to be present in certain quantities in order to be healthy.

The Alberta Food Processors Association have partnered with Safeway to produce an incredible display of more than 1,500 items you can find on grocery store shelves that are made right here in Alberta.

And Syngenta Canada has created an amazing 1/64 scale model farm which will be at Aggie Days for the first time. You will be able to see what a typical Alberta grain and livestock farm looks like with this incredibly detailed model farm.

Let’s not forget about past exhibitors. Some of the exhibitors you have seen and loved in the past are back with new displays this year.

Alberta Milk has an engaging new display that enables kids to attach a milking machine to a life-sized fiberglass cow to see how effectively a cow is milked with the milking machine. Learn the “Journey of Milk” through the interactive exhibit that Alberta Milk has created.


And Bayer CropScience has a new display titled, “Agriculture Past and Present” that is highly interactive and educational. There are three major activities in the hands-on booth: 1) Matching Games: seed – plant – product, and old and new farm equipment, 2) Mystery Scope on the Rope – an association of pests, worms etc. magnified and the actual item hidden in a box with clues provided to assist in guessing what is hidden in the box, and 3) Thank the Farm. Postcards are provided so children can write a message of thanks to a farmer and Bayer will ensure the postcards are delivered.

For more information on all that Aggie Days has to offer visit


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