Doing more in 2016

After a challenging 2015, both personally and professionally, I’ve decided to make some changes in the New Year. I’ve never been a fan of New Years resolutions so instead I’ll call them goals – I believe setting goals is important as it gives us something to strive for.


2016 Goals

  1. Travel more… for pleasure. This past year I took on a new role at work which required more travel. I took 25 flights in 2015, with 21 of those being work-related. Sure, you’re getting away and occasionally visiting new places, but work travel is still work. So this year my goal is to spend more time travelling for pleasure, both long distance and closer to home trips. Goal: 2 long distance trips.
  2. Exercise more… even more. I already do fairly well in this area but I think I can do better. You can always do more to improve your overall fitness level and health. I’ve started taking a group fitness class at the gym and will be continuing my personal training sessions as well. And along with exercising more is also eating healthier. Goal: 5 times a week for an hour or more (either gym or outdoor activity).
  3. Write more. This past year I lacked both the time and inspiration to blog. I also think I needed a break. But I missed it. Writing is a creative outlet for me. And writing more includes both on this personal blog and perhaps also some freelance writing. Goal: one blog post a week.
  4. Compliment/encourage more. A simple compliment or word of encouragement makes my day – whether it be in the form of a hand written note, a brief email, or a quick text or social media post. So in turn I want to do that for others. Goal: compliment or encourage one person a day.
  5. Learn more. I believe you’re never too old to learn something new. This past year I obtained my project management certificate while working full-time. It’s not easy but always worth it. Trying something new or different keeps your mind active and keeps life interesting. Goal: learn one new thing (yet to be determined).

What are your goals for 2016?

Happy New Year! 


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