Embarking on a new adventure.

Life is full of tough decisions. After 4.5 years working in marketing at a large global agriculture company, I recently made the decision to pursue another opportunity. The decision didn't come easy, but sometimes you have to take a risk and seize a new opportunity. So I'm excited to share that I will now be working with... Continue Reading →

Year of Joy: July

July flew by. I can't believe summer will be over in less than a month. July was a very busy month for me, but I like to be busy. It was a very exciting month with many things bringing me joy including Stampede and vacation. So let's get started. Spent Canada Day at the Millarville horse... Continue Reading →

I am 100% Farm Raised

It's Friday at 5:00 p.m. As a young person I should be looking forward to a night out on the town. But instead here I sit wishing I was 1,300 kilometres away at the family farm. Why you ask? Because it's #harvest13. Prior to moving to Alberta, while living in Manitoba, I ventured out to... Continue Reading →

The Real Thing

No, this isn't a blog post about Coca-Cola's early 1990s slogan, Can't Beat the Real Thing. It's about a compliment I recently received. I was told that I'm the real thing - in reference to being a farm girl. I'm a REAL farm girl. As opposed to those fake, wanna-be farm girls. Later, as I... Continue Reading →

No, I’m Not a Pyromaniac

I'm currently living with a coworker and her husband for about two months while I'm working in Calgary. My coworker told me about a conversation she and her husband had prior to my arrival. He asked her what she knew about me. She said, not much. He said, well, what if she's a pyromaniac or... Continue Reading →

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