No, I’m Not a Pyromaniac

I’m currently living with a coworker and her husband for about two months while I’m working in Calgary. My coworker told me about a conversation she and her husband had prior to my arrival.

He asked her what she knew about me.

She said, not much.

He said, well, what if she’s a pyromaniac or something?

I’m sure they’re relieved to find out that I’m not a pyromaniac. Instead I’m just a normal southern Manitoba farm girl. I know what you’re thinking – what is normal? Everyone defines normal differently. But no matter how you define normal, I’m as normal as they come. Just ask my family and friends. I have no weird quirks, no strange habits, nothing. In fact, in that regard, I’m very unexciting. And that’s OK.

Me on the farm wearing my favourite old ball cap and old tank top, no make up and unwashed hair - just a normal farm girl!

When I think about the situation, I must admit that it was risky for them to welcome a perfect stranger into their home. And it was probably just as risky for me to move in with perfect strangers – even if one is my coworker. But life’s full of risks. Quitting my job in Winnipeg, accepting a new job and moving to not just one, but two, new cities this year, is risky. But there’s no reward in life without risk, right?

So here I am, a normal girl taking a few risks and hoping for the best. And I’m definitely not a pyromaniac!


2 thoughts on “No, I’m Not a Pyromaniac

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  1. haha no, not a pyromaniac, but I can’t say you are entirely without quirks… after all you were my roomie for a year:)

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