I am 100% Farm Raised

It’s Friday at 5:00 p.m.

As a young person I should be looking forward to a night out on the town.

But instead here I sit wishing I was 1,300 kilometres away at the family farm. Why you ask? Because it’s #harvest13.

Prior to moving to Alberta, while living in Manitoba, I ventured out to the family farm almost every weekend.  I certainly put on the miles over the years. And I used to joke that my car could practically drive itself home as I took the same route every time. Friends could never understand why I’d rather spend my weekend working on the farm than out and about in the city. I also noticed over the years that going to the farm saved money. Needless to say, there’s a lot more ways to spend cash in the city than in the country.

So here I am wishing I could drive out to the farm for the weekend to help with the harvest – a farmer’s favourite time of year. But unfortunately there’s a big difference between two hours and 13 hours… and 200 kilometres and 1,300 kilometres. A big difference.

So why would I rather be on the farm than in the city, especially right now? Because I am 100% Farm Raised. Not 99%. 100%. And when you’re 100% Farm Raised there’s really no place you’d rather be.

Proudly sportin' my new t-shirt from Ag More Than Ever.
Proudly sportin’ my new t-shirt from Ag More Than Ever, which is an industry cause to improve perceptions and create positive dialogue about Canadian agriculture. Learn more at www.agriculturemorethanever.ca.

5 thoughts on “I am 100% Farm Raised

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  1. Teresa, I can understand you wanting to be home for the harvest. The buzz of excitement, lending a hand, and praying for the weather to hold………I have watched the French farmers bring in the colza and blé (canola and wheat). They are all busy now planting again. Most of the colza is in and the wheat drilling is starting. You have probably guessed the climate is warmer here. Crops are rotated with barley and oats.

    I have watched farming in New Hampshire, Nebraska, California and now in France. Keep writing because now I am learning about Canadian farming through you.

    I love your t-shirt!


    1. I enjoy educating people about Canadian agriculture so I’m happy you’re reading and learning. Thank you for sharing a bit about agriculture in France – very interesting to me.

  2. I understand exactly how you feel. Harvest time is one of my favorite times to head home. I’ll still ride in the back of the loaded grain truck (my niece and nephew provide a good excuse to do so). I love the crisp air, the colors, even the corn and bean dust permeating the air and my nose haha.

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