We’re Not in Manitoba Anymore

I grew up skiing on the hills of Manitoba – not just once in a while, but almost every weekend on the hill close to my family farm. So last weekend I went into my first mountain skiing experience thinking I knew what I was doing, but it quickly became clear to me that this was a whole new ball game. I wasn’t on the familiar hills of Manitoba anymore. I was in the mountains of British Columbia. I met my Manitoba friend Pearl at Kimberley Alpine Resort in Kimberley, British Columbia. The province is promoted as Super, Natural British Columbia. And it certainly lives up to that (at least the parts I saw). The drive was beautiful and the view from the top of the mountain was amazing.

And I’m happy to report that I survived my first mountain skiing experience and I look forward to doing it again! Here are some photos I captured during the weekend.

Thick fog greeted us on the first morning of skiing.
On top of Northstar Mountain.
Two of the easier green runs.
Mountains in the distance. Beautiful view from the top of the mountain.
One of the steep mogul-filled runs - a black diamond run.
The Trickle Creek Lodge where we stayed.
On top of the world... or at least the mountain.
Pearl and I hitting the slopes (literally, a few times!).

4 thoughts on “We’re Not in Manitoba Anymore

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  1. so beautiful! what a gorgeous place to spend a little vacay. definitely alot different that skiing in the prairies. i’m glad you had an awesome time and that there were no injuries to report. 🙂

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