My Olympic Bobsleigh Experience

As I squeezed into the tight bobsleigh my thoughts flashed to the 1990s movie Cool Runnings. I should have practiced in the bathtub, I thought. Too late now. I was about to whip down a narrow, twisting iced track, along with my Winnipeg friend Britta and her boyfriend Ben at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta.

60 seconds you will talk about for the rest of your life.

Was I nervous? Not really. Don’t forget, I’ve been sky diving, bungy jumping and done other exhilarating adventures.

And in less than 60 seconds it was all over. Short and sweet! The three of us, along with our professional driver, successfully descended down the 1,500-metre Olympic Track in an authentic four-man bobsleigh; clocking in at an amazing 120.96 km/h and crossing the finish line in 59.32 seconds.

It was definitely a cool experience (literally)!

The start of the Olympic track.
Part of the Olympic track near the bottom.
A four-man bobsleigh.
Our bobsleigh team. All smiles after surviving the experience.

Have you been bobsledding? If not, would you try it? I welcome your comments.


4 thoughts on “My Olympic Bobsleigh Experience

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  1. that is so super cool! what a neat experience. i remember loving cool runnings. i can tell that you are just enjoying living out west.

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! A little jealous here. What’s next, skeleton? A visit to the COP was where Jon Montgomery got his start.

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