Year of Joy: October

2016 is flying by. I can’t believe we’re down to two months remaining in the year. October was a challenging month for many in the Western Canadian farming community with endless wet and cool weather. Here’s hoping the weather improves as we close out the year. Here’s what brought me joy in October.

  • Good friends who invite me to join their family for Thanksgiving dinner. Holidays can be difficult for me as I have no family in the Calgary area. So it means a lot to me when others include me in their celebrations.
  • Dinner and movie nights with good friends.
  • Catching up with a former colleague over dinner and drinks.
  • Cooking dinner for a good friend. Tried a new recipe and it turned out delicious.
  • My youngest nephew’s 6th birthday. While I couldn’t be there to help him celebrate, I always send him a little something.
  • Attending my first Classroom Agriculture board meeting. One of my passions is Ag education, and I look forward to working with this group helping teach kids about farming and food.
  • New wheels! After being the proud owner of four different Civics over the years, I decided it was time to move on to something different, but still in the same family. I’m now the proud owner of a CR-V.
  • Going to my first Flames hockey game of the season. Looking forward to a few more. I love watching live sports.
  • An afternoon of bowling with my fun colleagues. I’m an awful bowler but it’s not the score that counts, right?!
  • My favourite gym class. I love lifting weights.



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