Fab Fashion Find: Maxi Skirt

In the past I’ve shied away from maxi skirts as I’ve had a hard time finding one that fits right. I wasn’t blessed with height and most of them looked and felt too big. Then I read a blog post that said petite girls can pull off maxi skirts but they need to be more fitted.

So on a recent shopping trip I came across this maxi skirt (pictured below). I love the blue striped pattern. Paired with a white crop top, it’s a light and cool summery outfit. I’ve also paired it with a black tank which matches my sandals nicely.

Of course the skirt was too long, but my mom was able to hem it for me. To determine the appropriate length I went to the Internet and found a length formula.

L = 0.62 x H (your height in centimetres) 

Maxi skirts almost sweep the floor. When you calculate the maxi length, take into consideration your shoes – allow a few extra centimetres for the height of the heel or take a few centimetres off if you plan to wear it with flats.

While I still like tighter and shorter skirts (like pencil skirts), I will admit that this maxi skirt is super comfy. A fab fashion find for summer!

Skirt from Bootlegger. 




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