The Art of Packing, Unpacking and Repacking

You know you’ve been away too much when you want nothing more than to go home and stay home. My first summer in Calgary was a busy one. Come to think of it, I was rarely IN Calgary this summer. I spent most of the summer travelling, which meant constant packing, unpacking and repacking. I always had at least one suitcase open on my bedroom floor at any given time. I have four different kinds of larger pieces of luggage and didn’t always use the same piece depending where I was headed (for example, a camping trip calls for my large MEC backpack, whereas a business trip calls for my professional Ogio suitcase).

Over the years I have become a professional packer. Beginning in high school when I attended a private boarding school, I almost always had a bag packed as I lived at school during the week and traveled home to the family farm every weekend. I called it “life out of a suitcase.” After high school I spent several years in Winnipeg, first for post-secondary education and then for work. I continued to travel to the farm almost every weekend. Needless to say, I chalked up the miles and liked to joke that my car knew the route so well it could drive itself home! Of course all this traveling meant that I continued to have a packed bag almost always ready to go.

These packing skills certainly came in handy this summer. In a matter of just over two months I travelled to:

  • Minnesota for five days
  • Saskatchewan three times for a total of nine days
  • Manitoba for six days
  • Ontario for 10 days
  • B.C. for three days
  • Kansas/Missouri for four days

And just when I think it’s time to stay home for a change I realize that I have a few more trips scheduled for the fall. But that’s probably a good thing. Life is short. And staying home all the time is no fun!

Do you have any travel/packing tips for me? Please share. I welcome your comments.


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