Swapping Ag Goodies

At last week’s Agvocacy 2.0 conference I had the opportunity to learn about agriculture in other areas of Canada and the United States through a swap meet where we exchanged ag items that represented our region with items from other areas. (To read more about my experience at the AgChat Foundation conference click here).

I had tons of great ideas for items that represent the Canadian Prairies. Unfortunately, border restrictions meant I was unable to execute some of these ideas. I ended up bringing a few beeswax candles with a maple leaf on them made by a Calgary-based company. These candles are made with Alberta beeswax. Alberta is the largest honey-producing province in Canada. Alberta and Saskatchewan also produce many pulse crops such as peas and lentils. So I brought a pulse snack called Crispeas made by an Alberta-based company.

I was hoping my suitcase would be lighter on the way home but that wasn’t the case as I received many cool items during the swap meet. Here’s a sample. A big thank you to everyone who shared these awesome ag goodies with me!

Minnesota-made wine!
Wisconsin-made beer called Spotted Cow (best name ever) from my friend @AnnaJWagner!
North Dakota lentils.
North Dakota sunflower seeds.
Kansas wheat treats – bacon flavoured!
Georgia peanuts.
Indiana popcorn. Very cool!
American walnuts with chocolate. Yum!
A mini bale of cotton.
Natural goats’ milk soap.
A fashionable hat from my friend @HeelsToBoots whose family has a calf ranch in California.
I love beef. The perfect luggage tag for me! From my friend @kaityholtman who works for the Missouri Beef Council.
Awesome bumper sticker!
Love these cow shaped cookies!

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