My First Mountain Camping Experience

Armed with bear spray, we headed west to the mountains this past weekend. It was my first experience tenting in the mountains and I’m happy to report that I survived to tell the tale. The bear spray was not needed. We were front country camping, not backcountry (I have to work up to the backcountry!) so our campsite was in a fairly well populated area however you still have to take the necessary precautions to avoid encounters with bears. We also went on a long hike through dense brush where I was certain we’d have a few bear sightings, but fortunately nothing.

“You Are In Bear Country.” A sign at the campground. And me holding the bear spray.

I grew up camping in my family’s tent trailer. Being the only girl and the smallest, I slept on the table. I have fond memories of family camping trips until the notorious spider incident took place. Long story short, somehow the camper became infested with spiders and to this day I maintain that they were crawling all over me one night. That turned out to be the last night in the tent trailer for me!

Fast forward many years and I’ve moved from sleeping on the table to sleeping on the floor of a tent! (A step down?) Fortunately we had an air mattress. And thankfully it cooled down at night. The temperatures soared to over 30 Celsius during the day.

Our campsite aka home for the weekend.
The view from our campground.

I’m happy that I gave mountain camping a chance. I enjoyed getting out of the city and experiencing nature at its finest in beautiful British Columbia. I look forward to my next mountain camping experience!

We hiked almost six kilometres to Cobb Lake and back.
Cobb Lake was so calm and far off the beaten path.
The view from our hike in the thick bush.
My new hiking shoes at work!
Waterfalls and a narrow pass carved through the mountains near Radium, BC.

6 thoughts on “My First Mountain Camping Experience

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  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Teresa, as per usual! You are certainly enjoying your new province and the beauty it has to offer. Thanks for sharing once again.

  2. Beautiful! Wish I could have been enjoying that scenery too! I’m pretty sure I would have had to bring our trailer though…I’m not sure about the tent…especially if there are bears around. Glad you didn’t have to use your bear spray.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Sue! A trailer definitely would have been nice but I survived in the tent! You guys will have to bring your trailer out west to the mountains. It was a fun time!

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