Which Dress Will It Be? Take A Guess

Last weekend I visited my old stomping ground of Medicine Hat, Alberta aka the Hat. My friend Ruth took me to a fashionable boutique in downtown Medicine Hat called Twinkle Dolls. Here I tried on two dresses and bought one of them. Take a look at the photos below and let me know which dress you think I bought. In a few days, on this blog, I’ll reveal which dress came home with me.

The buttoned dress.
Or the striped dress.

By the way, apparently wearing socks with your heels or wedges is in (top photo). Who knew?!

Leave a comment below with your guess – which dress will it be?


11 thoughts on “Which Dress Will It Be? Take A Guess

Add yours

  1. OH I love this ! Hmmmmm – I think it depends on what you bought the dress for ? However I am going to guess and say Dress # 1 – the button dress.
    And take it from someone that adores fashion YES the socks with the pumps are in đŸ™‚
    Looking good lady ~ eager to see your next post!!!!

  2. I’m a little reluctant to say because if you chose the opposite, will you think commenters don’t like the one you actually purchased? Hmmm…. I’m going to risk it though and suggest the striped is very flattering. I might like the first dress with different footwear. Looking forward to the reveal.

  3. i think you ended up buying the second one…but i really like the first one on you too. maybe you need to go back and get both! is there an event you are wearing it to?

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