Wordless Wednesday: Red satin in the kitchen

My friend Ruth, who has an apron fetish, convinced me to buy this homemade red satin apron at a farmers’ market in Saint John, New Brunswick during our trip to Canada’s East Coast this summer. It’s fun yet practical, and it’s red, my favorite color. Red satin in the kitchen… or maybe the bedroom… The lady who made the apron commented, “It may also come in handy in the bedroom!” Have a great Wordless Wednesday!  

Modelling my new apron in my kitchen.

Thanks to my friend Pearl for snapping this pic!


2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Red satin in the kitchen

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  1. Teresa – aprons are so functional and fun. These are my top 4 reasons for having multiple aprons available for use:
    1. An apron can help deal with spills by allowing you to wipe your hands on it – and when is it really okay anymore as adults to wipe your hands on your clothes?
    2.You get the look of a serious and professional cook when wearing an apron.
    3. Depending on your mood more than one apron option may be called for – you are feeling serious = a professional chef half apron – you are feeling fun = a frilly full apron – you are feeling nostalgic – an apron from your grandma – the list can go on and on!
    4. Of course aprons are also a potential great idea for ‘recreational’ uses. I find it funny that in the photo your friend took of you modeling your new apron – it doesn’t take much to imagine you using the apron in another room of your house (are you wearing clothes beneath?)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Ruth! I definitely agree with your top 4 reasons for having aprons. You’ve converted me! In regards to your question: of course I was wearing clothes beneath – shorts and a tank top! 🙂

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