Be happy for no reason

Wouldn’t we all like to be happy for no reason? I certainly would.

Once again I had the privilege of attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture conference in Calgary last week. And one of the keynote speakers spoke on this very subject.

As regular readers of this blog will know, I’ve declared 2016 my Year of Joy and every month I’m sharing what has brought me joy – or in other words, what has made me happy. Many things can and do make me happy, but what I’d really like to learn is how to be happy for no reason. So I was very interested in hearing this talk from best selling author Marci Shimoff.

I’ve always said that sometimes we just have to choose to be happy despite our circumstances. Happiness is a choice. But I know that’s often easier said than done.



According to Marci there is a happiness set point. This set point is determined by:

  • 50 per cent genetics
  • 10 per cent circumstances
  • 40 per cent habits

We can’t alter our genetics and we sometimes can’t control our circumstances. But what we can change is our habits.

Marci shared three happiness habits:

  1. Change your brain. Try this: Look for the good. When you find it, savour it for at least 20 seconds. And go for a 3:1 ratio of positives to negatives.
  2. Live with a passionate, open heart and let love lead. Appreciate the people in your life.
  3. Live your soul’s passions. 80 per cent of people are not doing what they’re passionate about. Do what makes you feel alive.

Finally, if nothing else, keep on laughing!


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