60 years and counting: Happy Birthday to my best friend!

The more I grow,
the more I realize
that my mom is
the best best friend
that I ever had.
PS, I love my mom

I came across these words the other day on Pinterest and I thought it was very fitting for me and my mom as we celebrate her 60th birthday today.

Mom and I in Kananakis Country, Alberta.
Mom and I in Kananaskis Country, Alberta.

My mom and I have always been close. Perhaps it’s because I’m her only daughter. She’s my go-to person when I need to talk about something, anything. I value her opinion more than any others. I’m not a phone talker but yet I can talk with her for hours on the phone. Before I moved away, we enjoyed many mother-daughter shopping weekends. Now I look forward to her visits to my new city. We enjoy many of the same activities including spending time outdoors whether it be working in the yard or exploring new hiking trails.

Mom and I in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Mom and I in Banff National Park, Alberta.

A girl can have a lot of friends over the years – friends who come and go – but a good mom is always there. That’s why I realize now that my mom is my best friend. And sometimes you don’t realize these things until later in life. Growing up I’m sure I didn’t realize just how wonderful she was. But now I do.  She still is. And not only is she my friend, but she’s also a farm mom and wife. I like to think of her as the glue that holds our farm family together.

Mom and I at the Saskatoon Farm near Calgary.
Mom and I at the Saskatoon Farm near Calgary.

I found this on the Internet awhile ago and it made me think of my mom – a farmer’s wife. More than two years ago I included it in a Mother’s Day blog post I wrote for my mom. Check that post out here.

You Might Be A Farmer’s Wife If…

Your name is taped to the side or bottom of a cake pan.
You call the implement dealer and he recognizes your voice.
The vet’s number is on the speed dial of your phone.
Your second vehicle is a pickup truck.
Your husband has ever used field equipment to maintain your yard.
Picking rocks is considered a chance to get out of the house.
Taking lunch to the field is as close as you get to a picnic.
You can mend a pair of pants and the fence that ripped them.
The shopping list in your purse includes the sizes of filters, tires, belts etc.
You’ve ever called your husband using a two-way radio.
Being taken out to dinner has ever included a talk by a seed dealer or chem rep.
Your driveway is longer than a stone’s throw.
You have lots of machinery and each piece is worth more than your house.
The neighbour’s house is best viewed with binoculars.
The directions to your house include the words “miles” or “gravel road.”
Your husband says, “Can you help me for a few minutes?” and you know that might be anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.
Grass stains are the least of your laundry problems.
Your fridge contains livestock medicine.
Your car’s colour is two-toned and one colour is gravel road brown.
You use old newspapers as floor mats.
You’ve used the loader to reach the windows when they need washing.
You can make a meal that can be ready in six minutes and will still be ready in two hours.
Sharing a cab has nothing to do with a taxi and everything to do with getting across the field.

Here’s to many more happy, healthy years, mom! Happy 60th Birthday! 


2 thoughts on “60 years and counting: Happy Birthday to my best friend!

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  1. Happy birthday, Erna-Ann!
    Love the poem, Teresa ….. as I read it, the smile on my face kept getting bigger. I could relate to each and every line. Life on the farm is so great; wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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