Thankful Thursday: For Visitors

Seeing as this is Thursday and American Thanksgiving, I thought it was appropriate that I write a Thankful Thursday blog post. We Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October and I was thankful to have the opportunity to travel back home to southern Manitoba and visit my family for the weekend. Over a month later and on this Thursday, I’m thankful for people who come visit me.

This past weekend I hosted some very special guests in my home – my parents. And they didn’t come visit on just any weekend – it was their anniversary. They took a road trip through North Dakota and Montana visiting friends before crossing back over the 49th parallel and visiting me in southern Alberta.

We spent the weekend in and around Calgary – I cooked dinner, we went out for dinner, did some Christmas shopping, went to church, took a drive west of the city and watched the Calgary Stampeders clinch a victory and a ticket to the Grey Cup. A busy and fun time.

I don’t get many visitors in Cowtown so I’m thankful for the ones that do show up. So this Thursday I’m thankful for visitors.

And remember… always count your blessings.


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