Gratitude Journal: March 17, 2018

Welcome to my online Gratitude Journal!  You may recall, in 2016 I had a blog series titled Year of Joy where I recapped various things that brought me joy every month. This will be similar, but I'm going to try and post more frequently. Because even when you've had a rough day, there's always something... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: For Visitors

Seeing as this is Thursday and American Thanksgiving, I thought it was appropriate that I write a Thankful Thursday blog post. We Canadians celebrated our Thanksgiving in October and I was thankful to have the opportunity to travel back home to southern Manitoba and visit my family for the weekend. Over a month later and... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: For Work

Not just today, but every day, I'm thankful for work. I'm thankful to be able to work in the industry I love - agriculture. I'm thankful to be able to combine my passion for agriculture with my passion for communications, in my work. I'm thankful to be able to work alongside people who also have a passion... Continue Reading →

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