The official diagnosis is…


A feeling one has when missing home, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. 

Despite my experience with living and being away from home, lately I’ve been experiencing a touch of homesickness. I know this is common and those of you who have moved away from home will know what I’m talking about. Here are just a few things I miss.

I miss my family farm.

I miss my animals.

I miss the wide open spaces.

I miss the back roads.

I miss working in the yard and garden, and getting dirt under my fingernails.

I miss the golden fields of wheat.

I miss the sea of yellow (canola).

I miss wearing my old work clothes  and no make up.

But most of all, I miss my family.

But we have to live with the choices we make. Life goes on.


4 thoughts on “The official diagnosis is…

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  1. Manitoba misses you too Teresa! But Manitoba’s loss is Alberta’s gain. Stay positive and visit often! And look forward to CFWF in September!

  2. Life’s about choices. Right now you’re chasing your career and choosing to sacrifice more time with those items in order to get what you want. But the good news is that the things you miss will always be waiting for you when you’ve reached your goal, or just want to come on back for a Manitoba-fix! And you’ll probably see things a little more differently too. You’ll have a different level of appreciation.

    1. I agree that life is about choices. But I didn’t move to another province only to chase my career. I also needed a fresh start in a new place. And I was feeling like I didn’t belong in Winnipeg. Yes, I hope to be back often for my Manitoba fix and will probably have a new appreciation for everything. Sometimes you have to go away to appreciate what you have.

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