Snail mail brightens my day

As I’m hauling my stuff into my place at the end of the day, I slip my hand into the mailbox and pull out what usually consists of a pile of junk mail.

A coupon for cheap pizza.

A bill.

Direct mail from a realtor wanting to sell my condo.

Yet another coupon for cheap pizza.

Oh great, another bill.

Oh look, another coupon for cheap pizza.

And just when I’m about to give up on finding something other than bills and junk mail, there it is, staring me in the face… a hand written card from a friend. It brings a smile to my face! 🙂 What a pleasant surprise!

I received this cute Christmas card in the mail from a friend.

At this time of year we often expect to receive more snail mail in the form of Christmas cards or photos from friends and family. But even those are becoming few and far between as paper Christmas cards are being replaced with electronic cards. Just the other day as I was writing out my own Christmas cards to mail and hand out to friends, I found myself lamenting this loss. There’s just something special about receiving a card or letter or photo or care package in the mail. While I can hammer out an email, text, tweet or Facebook post in a few seconds, it takes me at least a few minutes or probably even longer to write out a thoughtful card. Making this effort shows that you care.

And then there are those special friends who mail you a card just because. No, it’s not your birthday or Christmas or Valentines Day or any other holiday… it’s just because they were thinking of you. Like this special card I received recently from a special lady I affectionately refer to as my Indiana Grandma. After all, a girl can always use another Grandma!

I received this "thinking of you" card in the mail from my Indiana Grandma. This beautiful sunset photo was taken by Ivan Micek with photography.

Yes, there’s definitely a place for electronic communications, but let’s not lose sight of the significance of snail mail as well. Maybe that card you mail someone will end up making their day!

And if you’re wondering what to do with those notecards you’ve received over the years, my social media friend, Crystal Cattle, recently shared a great idea on her blog:

Here's my version. I hole punched and tied a ribbon through several of my Christmas cards making them into a small book.

Do you still mail or hand out Christmas cards or photos? Please comment below. I love hearing from you!


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