Making a Christmas wish list

By now children will have made their Christmas lists for Santa (some of the eager ones may have even completed their lists months ago!). My two oldest nephews had their lists ready awhile ago. The oldest one even took the time to type up the list and include large colour photos of each item – just to be sure we knew exactly what he wanted! As I perused the list I noticed that he included many “big-ticket” items such as a flat screen TV for his room, a laptop, a pool table and an electric guitar. You know your nephews are getting older when a cheap toy doesn’t cut it anymore!
When I was young, items from the Sears Wish Book often made my list. Growing up my brothers and I eagerly awaited the arrival of the Wish Book every year. My mom would get the card in the mail saying the Wish Book was available for pick up at our local Sears outlet (not a Sears store but rather an outlet where you pick up items you’ve ordered from the catalogue). The next time she went into town she would pick one up and as soon as she brought it into the house we were fighting over who got to look at it first. Being the smallest and the only girl, I lost those battles. But once the boys were done looking at the cars and trucks, sports equipment and other stuff, I flipped the pages admiring the many dolls, Barbies and other girly stuff. This tradition has continued as my nephews also enjoy going through the Wish Book pages every year dreaming of all the wonderful toys and games.
The big book of Christmas wishes!
Now I’ll be the first to admit that I was spoiled growing up. As the youngest and the only girl, I received lots of new toys and clothes. Recently when I was at the farm I decided to find some of my favourite old toys in the basement and snap a few photos for my readers. It’s interesting to note that 20-some years later some of these toys such as My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Easy-Bake ovens, are still around but with an updated look.
Several of my toys were also made by my Grandpa Friesen, who was a woodworking master. His handy work greatly enhanced my play time growing up. He made me several items, such as a Barbie house and furniture, a doll bed and play kitchen cupboards. (Some of which are pictured below). He also made my brothers various farm buildings such as a shed, elevator and grain bins. Often times the best and most memorable gifts you receive are the ones that are homemade as you know they were crafted with love.
Play kitchen cupboards made by my Grandpa. Also pictured: one of my tea sets and Easy-Bake oven.
A doll bed made by my Grandpa and my Magic Nursery doll. The baby's blanket was made by my Grandma.
A table and chairs for my Barbies made by my Grandpa. Note: The brunette Barbie was named Teresa and no, I didn't name her that, she actually came with that name.
A few of my My Little Ponies in their stable.
My little Strawberry Shortcake doll.

What were some of your favourite toys/games growing up? Do you still have them?


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  1. I can’t believe your mom still hung onto those. That’s so cute! My brother and I used to love to play with these oversized Lego-type blocks. We used to make robot families out of them. I had a rag doll that I loved and I still have to this day. I also used to have a Fisher Price radio that had AM/FM stations, and a microphone so you could sing along with the music, or turn the music off and just use the microphone.

    My brother and I also used to take the Sears Wishbook and flip through it making our lists. We would sit under the lights of the Christmas tree and flip through all the pages together. What a lifetime ago…and good memories.

    1. Of course! She would never get rid of those things – they’re too special! We also played with a lot of Lego growing up and my one nephew loves Lego. I also recall that Fisher Price radio. I didn’t have one but I remember playing with it at friends houses.

  2. Great blog- love the photo’s of Grandpa’s handwork…. Ava was the recipient of my old handmade doll house. My mom re-did the carpeting and wall paper- modernizing the look. Ava plays with it every day. The legacy lives on!

    1. I’m happy to hear that Ava is playing with the doll house Grandpa made you. I’m sure Grandpa would be happy that it’s been passed down to the next generation! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I pulled out My Little Pony’s and Cabbage Patch dolls for Makenna to play with just afew weeks ago. Some toys definitely stand the test of time. I also noticed your magic nursery doll…i had one of those too! I remember anxiously awaiting for the wish book to come. Now, my wish list looks a little different… i wish for love, happiness, good health, safe travel, and my family to always be together…

    This year I made a scavenger hunt for the three kids around Ethan and Kyle’s age and then I bought a movie/made popcorn bags/ and popcorn. And that is their gift. Kind of a fun game but they get something out of it too. They have so much and you are right…their wish list is way too expensive! So, whether they like it or not…that is what they are getting and I’ve put alot of time, thought, and energy into it.

    1. It’s nice that Makenna can play with your old toys. Mine are just sitting there waiting to be played with because we only have boys! The scavenger hunt sounds like a fun idea. I’m sure they’ll love it! Thanks for commenting!

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