Hoofing it through the Pembina Valley

My mom and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day last Sunday afternoon and went for a hike in the Pembina Valley Provincial Park, which is approximately 30 minutes east of my family farm travelling on a curvy gravel road running parallel to the North Dakota border (for a few miles the road is on the border). The Pembina Valley Provincial Park lies on the edge of the Pembina Valley and is 440 acres. We were ready for a workout and an adventure so we decided to take the longest trail called the Pembina Rim, which is the yellow trail on the map below. Hiking this trail took us approximately two hours, which included a few short breaks to enjoy the scenery and gulp down some water. But not too much water as I didn’t want to visit the outhouse pictured below. Needless to say, I have bad childhood memories of using the outhouses at the Snowflake ball diamonds. I had this fear that either I’d fall in the hole or something that was living in the hole would jump up and bite me in the butt! Honestly, I’d rather go in the bushes using leaves as toilet paper. But I digress.
Fall is the perfect time to visit the park as the trees are amazing shades of green, red, orange and yellow. The park also has a nice big area for picnics and games. The place was packed on Sunday as it was a great day to be outside. This makes me happy as I like seeing people of all ages outside enjoying nature and getting exercise rather than cooped up inside getting an overload of screen time. Visit this website for more information on the provincial park, along with a map to find it and a trails map: http://www.gov.mb.ca/conservation/parks/popular_parks/central/pembina_info.html 
Here are some photos from our hike. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
The trails map. We took the longest trail - the yellow one - called Pembina Rim.
Part of the new bridge in the park. Each black section features different wildlife found in Manitoba.
The lookout tower in the Pembina Valley Provincial Park. Great views from the top!
The beautiful Pembina Valley taken from the lookout tower.
My mom checking out the view from the top of the lookout tower.
My mom hiking up a steep incline.
Posing in front of the Pembina River that runs through the Pembina Valley.
A neat shot!
Washroom anyone? A biffy hiding in the bush!

What fun activities does your family do in the fall?


7 thoughts on “Hoofing it through the Pembina Valley

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  1. sounds awesome teresa! the scenery is beautiful and it looks like you got a good workout. your comment about the outhouse made me smile…those were the days!!!

    1. Thanks Katie! I agree – most people have no idea how beautiful the Prairies are in fall. We also have this new zipline adventure in the Pembina Valley that I want to try sometime.

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