View from the top

I can jump out of a plane at 13,000 feet and jump off a ledge from 47 metres up (sky diving and bungy jumping in New Zealand last winter), and yet I had to work up the courage to climb to the top of the new grain bin on my family farm. I finally did it this past weekend and the view from the top was worth it. And I noticed that the longer I stayed up there the more relaxed I was. The first photo below shows you the full size of the grain bin. The stairs begin on the other side, wrap around and end in the front. The second photo is proof that I made it almost to the top – to the landing (photo taken by my brother). And the last few photos are some views from the top. Enjoy!
Huge grain bin.
Proof that I made it to the top (well almost)! Yes, that tiny speck by the Brock sign is me!
Part of the farmyard.
Smaller grain bins, treetops and grain truck below.
Empty wheat fields (and Star Mound schoolhouse in the distance - the slight mound in the right part of photo by the edge of the grey bin).

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  1. beautiful pictures teresa! yes, that is a huge bin. i’m impressed that you found the courage to climb up there. i’m assuming that your family will now give you the honour to go up there when needed cuz you are, according to your blog, a pro! can’t wait for our visit!!!

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