Wordless Wednesday: Discovering PEI agriculture

During my recent summer vacation I visited Canada’s three Maritime provinces – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Being the farm girl that I am, I always take note of the agriculture when I visit a new place. I saw very little farmland during my time in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. We seemed to be surrounded by dense forest or large bodies of water almost everywhere we travelled. But maybe we just weren’t in the agricultural areas of the provinces. And some would argue that I see enough agriculture at home on the Prairies, why do I need to see it elsewhere as well. But seeing different kinds of agriculture is interesting to me (ag nerd, I know!).

PEI was a different story. This tiny island was my favorite province to visit on the trip. Now you probably wouldn’t expect much agriculture on such a small piece of land but it was here that I came across the most farming. It was easy and quick to get around the island so we took a few drives. We came across rows and rows of potatoes growing in the rich red soil. PEI is known for its potatoes. It’s also known for its red dirt, something we don’t have in Manitoba. We also found many other familiar crops such as canola, barley, wheat, corn and soybeans. On the animal front, we noticed many dairy farms. We toured the famous Cows Creamery where they make delicious ice cream and learned that they use only Island cream in their products. For this Wordless Wednesday blog post, I’m sharing a few photos of PEI agriculture. Enjoy!

Potatoes in red soil.
Canola with a small lake and village in the background.
Barley with a lake in the background.
Wheat field.
We also saw a few fish farms.

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