Relishing homemade relish

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday. My mom is an outstanding farm wife and mother. She knows her way around the kitchen. There are many foods that she is known for making very well. One of these is her homemade relish. So today I’ve decided to share her relish recipe with you and show you the step-by-step process. She and I made a batch this past weekend. All of the vegetable ingredients were grown in her garden with the exception of the red and yellow peppers. She makes this relish every summer when the cucumbers in the garden are ready. She also makes delicious pickles with her cucumbers. Jars of relish and pickles are popular gifts for family, friends and neighbors. Barbecuing burgers is a favorite meal on our farm. These are homemade burgers using our own beef. My brother named them “Ern burgers” after my mom whose name is Erna. The homemade relish is a tasty addition to the burgers.  

This recipe is also featured in the Purves Country Kitchen cookbook. I mentioned this cookbook in a recent blog post (


3 qt chopped cucumbers
1 qt chopped onions
3 sweet peppers (red, yellow or orange – chopped)
3 sweet green peppers (chopped)


1 qt vinegar
5 cups white sugar
1 tbsp turmeric
2 tbsp dry mustard
1 tbsp celery seed

Pour 3/4 cup pickling salt and 2 quarts water over the above chopped ingredients. Let this sit for app. 4 hours or overnight. Drain using a colander. Cook brine and spices. Bring to a boil and add the chopped vegetables. Cook on low heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Make a paste with 3/4 cup flour or 1/2 cup cornstarch and 1/2 cup sugar. Add to vegetables and cook till thickens. Boil and put in sterilized jars.

The ingredients for homemade relish.
The vegetables cut up.
My mom chopping the vegetables with her Braun mixer. She's using a special attachment for the mixer.
The vegetables marinating for several hours in water and with pickling salt on them.
The brine cooking on the stove.
The vegetables added to the brine and cooking on the stove.
The final product: 14 jars of relish.

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  1. so did u have to seal the jars in boiling water for ten minutes? or did u just boil the jars and lids without soaking finished product? if not how did u store these afterward? do they need to stay in fridge or can they be in pantry until opened?

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