Year of Joy: June

I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year 2016 already – the first six months have flown by. June is not only the beginning of summer but also my birthday month, so that means I should have even more to be joyful about this month. Let’s get started!

  • June brings my favourite season – summer. Summer is short on the Canadian Prairies so you have to appreciate every moment.
  • June also tends to bring thunderstorms. I love the smell of rain and how green everything looks after a rain, especially in dry conditions. And I don’t mind some spectacular lightening and booming thunder – as long as there’s no hail or tornados!
  • My birthday. I don’t go overboard celebrating my birthday, however I’ve learned that each year is a gift and we should be thankful for each birthday.
  • A short trip home to Manitoba. I almost never go home in June because I usually go later in the summer for vacation. However, this year we had plans to go to a special concert. It was a busy weekend but I was able to see some of my extended family on both sides which is always nice.
  • Garth Brooks concert! Amazing! I love the older country and have always been a Garth fan, yet have never seen him in concert. So I was very excited to attend a show in Winnipeg with my family. It was well worth the trip there.
  • Passed my fifth marketing course with flying colours. Two more to go.
  • Took in an annual street festival – the Lilac Festival – here in Calgary with a friend. Have always wanted to check it out.
  • Let my creative juices flow during a group paint night at a local pub with a friend. Painted a red barn – just my farm girl style!
  • Kicked off the Calgary Stampede with the annual appreciation evening for volunteers.
  • Birthday supper at a new Italian restaurant in Calgary.
  • A trip to the Saskatoon area to spend some time shooting work videos in fields.
  • A Sunday drive in the country south of Calgary. I love getting out of the city and exploring new rural areas. And I had a local tour guide.



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