It’s my Year of Joy

Stuck on the same page – that’s what I felt like last year. But this is a new year – so it’s time to turn the page.


Several people have encouraged me to declare 2016 a year of something for myself personally. After giving it some thought I’ve decided that after a challenging 2015, one where I felt stuck on the same page in the book of my life, it’s not only time to turn a page in my book, but also time to choose joy.

I believe happiness is a choice. Sometimes life brings challenges and it’s hard to be happy and find joy. But there comes a time when you have to tell yourself to be happy with your book.

In order to stay on track this year, I hope to share things that have brought me joy on a regular basis – hopefully monthly. I expect there to be some repetition along the way and that’s alright because if you find something or someone that makes you happy, that’s a good thing. And I encourage you to comment along the way and tell me what brings you joy.

Here’s to my year of joy!




One thought on “It’s my Year of Joy

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  1. Joy was my word for 2015 – and I honestly had the best year. I felt so grateful and blessed for everything in my life, even when things got a bit rocky. One of the things I did was create a Joy Jar, where I would write one thing every day on a slip of paper that brought me joy. Then, on New Years Day, I read through all the slips of paper and even sent messages to people featured in my Joy Jar thanking them for being part of my year. It was such a great way to start 2016 and an amazing daily reminder of all the joys in my life.

    Happy Year of Joy!

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