Quotable: Learn to say no without explaining yourself

I’ve decided to start a new series on my blog called Quotable. The purpose is to provide my readers with a short, inspirational thought approximately once a week. I come across many great quotes and thoughts on Pinterest so that will be my main source.

I welcome your feedback on the series and any particular ones that speak to you.

Thanks for reading!


This really spoke to me as I struggle with this. The simple two letter word “no” doesn’t seem to be in my vocabulary. I rarely say no when someone requests something of me. It’s a fine line because on one hand I feel it’s important to be helpful and say yes when you can, but you can take it too far. I say yes a lot and people know that and consequently some people will take advantage of my willingness to help. When I do occasionally say no, I feel like I have to explain myself – why am I saying no… I think this is because I have a guilty conscience. If I would say no without a good reason, then I would feel very guilty.

Do you struggle with this? Do you have any advice for me?


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