Death and Taxes… and Food

According to Benjamin Franklin, the only two things certain in life are death and taxes. If that’s true, when considering a future career, young people should probably opt for funeral director or accountant. But if working with the deceased and working with numbers don’t appeal to you (and who can blame you), then what about a career in agriculture. I’d say the need for food is fairly certain TO life. There’s always going to be a need for food to nourish people, which means there will always be a need for people working in the agriculture industry. And this doesn’t just include farmers.

The University of Manitoba Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences likes to point out that it’s not all about farming. There are many exciting careers waiting for you in the ag industry such as plant breeder, veterinarian, research technician, environmental consultant and much more. Check out the U of M Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences website for more info:


Several months ago Yahoo Education published an article claiming agriculture is a useless degree (followed closely by animal science and horticulture). You can imagine that the Yahoo post caused a stir among the ag community. And rightfully so. Agriculture is one of the most useFUL degrees I can think of as it encompasses everything from farming to agri-marketing and more.


People often assume that I’m an Aggie because I work in the ag industry. Of course I have to say no, but I really wish I could say yes. Guess you could say I’m a wanna-be Aggie! I entered the ag industry in a round-about way. When I began my post-secondary education in communications I had no intention of working in the ag industry. It was only after graduation and a couple of jobs later, that I realized ag is where I want to be. And it ended up working well for me as my communications training and my background in agriculture have molded me into an ideal ag comm professional. If this is the career path you’re interested in, the University of Guelph has a program dedicated to agricultural communications. Visit the website for more info:


Ag is where the jobs are at. I’ve been told that there’s no lack of good jobs in the Canadian agriculture industry right now. So I encourage you to consider a career in agriculture. I’m not regretting my move.

Today is National Agriculture Day in the United States and I thought this would be a good post to share in honour of this day. Today and every day I’m proud to be a born and raised farm girl and work in an industry I love – the agriculture industry.

What are you doing to celebrate National Ag Day? I love hearing from you. Please comment below.


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  1. I feel the same way! So many opportunities in the Ag industry. It’s a shame all people think of when they hear Agriculture is farming.

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