My Friendly Manitoba Visit

You can’t take the country out of the girl! 

I may now live in one of Canada’s largest cities, but I will always be a country girl. I love escaping the concrete jungle and venturing into the wide open spaces. And there’s no better wide open spaces, in my opinion, than the Keystone province. Recently I was back in my old stomping ground of Manitoba for work and for a visit to the family farm.

Some snapshots from my visit:

My family farm and my favourite crop – canola.
A beautiful canola field with Star Mound in the distance (Star Mound is a one-room schoolhouse on a small mound near my family farm).
A wheat field with an old grain bin.
Canadian wheat!
Part of my mom’s large garden.
We picked some fresh veggies from the garden including these peas.
Love fresh peas!
Raspberry season! My favourite season!
And what about this little cutie? We have two litters of black kittens at the farm.

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