A Sunday Drive: Mountains, Olympics and Downtown

Yesterday I decided to escape my new city of Calgary and take a Sunday drive in the country. I headed towards Cochrane, which is northwest of Calgary. Driving through the town brought back memories for me. About five years ago, while I was living in Medicine Hat (aka the Hat), Alberta, my aunt and uncle and cousin were living in Cochrane and I remember visiting them. Around Cochrane I was able to snap some nice photos of the mountains. So I invite you to join me on my Sunday drive.

Town of Cochrane in the foreground, mountains in the background.
Close up of the mountains.
View of mountains taken through a fence.
The Trans-Canada highway and mountains in the distance.

I also stopped at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, which was the premiere venue of the 1988 Winter Olympics and is now a centre for training and recreational use by athletes and the public.

Canada Olympic Park.
The various flags flying at Olympic Park.
Part of Olympic Park. It was buzzing yesterday. Beautiful day for hitting the slopes.

My last stop was a park in south Calgary that provided great views of downtown Calgary.

View of the downtown Calgary skyscrapers.
Close up view of part of the downtown. The Calgary Tower is at the far right of the photo. There's a revolving restaurant at the top.

Thanks for coming along for the ride! Have you visited Calgary or the mountains? If so, please share your stories below. I love reading your comments!


6 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive: Mountains, Olympics and Downtown

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  1. I have never been to Calgary–the closest I’ve been is to Waterton. I have family that live just outside of Glacier Ntnl. Park (East Glacier) in Montana.

    My aunt would take us into Canada to shop when we’d visit during the summers. I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember amazing chocolate and thinking Canada was a pretty cool place because the speed limit signs allowed drivers to drive wayyyy faster than my “normal”. Luckily I have since learned that there is a difference between kph and mph. 🙂

    Cool pictures–they make me want to go on a road trip!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kim! And I thought the speed limits were strange when I visited the States as a kid! 🙂 You’ll have to travel up to Alberta sometime and visit me. I’ll take you to the mountains!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting on several posts, Amy! I really appreciate it. You definitely need to come visit me and Britta in Alberta and see the mountains up close!

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