Entering the Mac world

I’m happy to report that I am writing this blog post on my brand spankin’ new MacBook Pro. This day was a long time coming for me. I talked about making the switch from PC to Mac for months, if not years, and I finally made the move. Why now? Mainly because of sheer frustration with my virus-plagued PC laptop. But also because I deserve it. Every now and then you have to treat yourself, right? And yes, I know what you’re thinking – this is an awfully big “treat,” Teresa. But in my defence, I don’t treat myself very often. I keep the purse strings pretty tight. Between a mortgage, property taxes, condo fees, condo insurance, vehicle registration and insurance, utilities and other bills, church and charity donations, a bit of food and other expenses, I’m not left with much to spare. But some of what I was left with I’ve been saving for this purchase. It’s amazing what you can buy when you save your money, even a pricy little Apple product.

My Mac!

This leads me to what this blog post is really about – financial management. I’m not a financial planner by any means. As I’ve said before, I prefer words to numbers and I’ll leave all that complicated financial stuff to the accountants. But I do think I have good financial management skills. Where did I learn these skills? From my parents, growing up on the farm. I was taught to work hard and spend your money wisely. And I think it’s important to learn these things at a young age. If you learn young you’re more likely to carry these skills into your adult life. And you’ll be thankful for good financial management skills when you’re facing a mountain of bills.

Needless to say, I was hoping to enter the Mac world earlier than I did, but I waited until I could afford it. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t have the same attitude when it comes to money. Society tells us to buy now and pay later. But if you can’t afford something now, what makes you think you’ll be able to afford it later. Live within your means.

On another note – but still related to my entrance into the Mac world – I also justified this laptop purchase because I’m planning to use it for work purposes. For those of you who aren’t aware, in my spare time, I do freelance ag writing. Why? Because I love agriculture and communications… oh, and the extra money comes in handy. If you know of any ag comm work opportunities for me, please let me know.

So what about you – are you a Mac or a PC? Did I make the right move entering the Mac world? Let me know what you think.


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  1. Yes, buy now pay later is not necessarily the best idea. I rarely use my credit card because I like to keep track of my purchases and not be surprised later by a big bill. I’m a PC, but I have never really had issue with mine. Plus, I have a hubby who can fix anything on a computer! 😛

    1. Is there anything your hubby can’t do?! He does home renos, fixes your car, fixes your computer… he’s a good catch! I need a man like that! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Welcome to the mac world Teresa!! You will love it!! Honestly, we have been an apple family now for a few years and I think we have actually saved money in the long run cause we were always having trouble with our PC that cost money to fix, etc. Since we bought our Macs we have not had to put a cent into them since the original purchase so overall a good investment in my opinion. Hope you like yours!!!

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Kristin! I have no doubt that I’ll grow to love my Mac. It’ll just take some time to get used to it. And hopefully I’ll have no problems with it.

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