Faster and Stronger 4.0: Calgary Marathon

I was up at 5:30 a.m. on a weekend to run a 10 kilometre race… but it was worth it. For the third year in a row I joined forces with several colleagues to form the Faster and Stronger 4.0 team for the 50th annual Calgary Marathon this past weekend. Most of us participated in the 10 kilometre race while a few did the half marathon and full marathon.

I’m coming off a few very busy and stressful months so unfortunately I didn’t have time to train and properly prepare for the race. But despite that I still beat my times from the last two years, which is always my goal. I feel it’s important to always have a goal – something to strive for.

It was challenging but sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper and toughen up. Once again I was proud of myself for participating and doing my best. I had a great time with colleagues and I look forward to 5.0 next year.





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