Year of Joy: February

Many things brought me joy in the second month of 2016.  Celebrating my four year anniversary at work.  Family visiting me.  Skiing in the mountains. Long walks outdoors with a good friend.  Exploring new places in the city I live in.  Trying a new fitness class at my gym.  Starting my new marketing course at... Continue Reading →

It’s my Year of Joy

Stuck on the same page - that's what I felt like last year. But this is a new year - so it's time to turn the page. Several people have encouraged me to declare 2016 a year of something for myself personally. After giving it some thought I've decided that after a challenging 2015, one... Continue Reading →

Doing more in 2016

After a challenging 2015, both personally and professionally, I've decided to make some changes in the New Year. I've never been a fan of New Years resolutions so instead I'll call them goals - I believe setting goals is important as it gives us something to strive for. 2016 Goals Travel more… for pleasure. This past... Continue Reading →

Quotable: People will forget…

Last week a colleague of mine unexpectedly passed away. He was young - a similar age to me. When something like this happens, I find myself reflecting on my own life. I came across this quote recently by Maya Angelou and thought it was fitting.

Quotable: No Matter How You Feel…

I came across this quote on Pinterest on a day when I needed some encouragement. Everyone has those days where you'd just rather stay in bed or stay home. But no matter how you feel, it's important to get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

Quotable: Life is Short…

This is a short work week here in Canada due to the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday on Monday. So I decided to keep this week's quote short and sweet as well. This thought may be brief but I think it holds a powerful message. Make every moment count!

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