Wordless Wednesday: A Prairie Sunset

This past weekend I travelled to the family farm for Thanksgiving and captured these beautiful sunset photos. I love the amazing colors. I've been fortunate to experience sunrises and sunsets around the world but nothing I've seen measures up to the beauty of a Prairie sunset (I may be a bit biased!). Happy Wednesday!

The road and the radio

I spend a lot of time in my Civic - just me, the road and the radio. While some of this time is spent belting out country tunes, I also tend to get lost in my thoughts. And it's during this time on the open road when I often think of topics to write about... Continue Reading →

Hoofing it through the Pembina Valley

My mom and I took advantage of a beautiful fall day last Sunday afternoon and went for a hike in the Pembina Valley Provincial Park, which is approximately 30 minutes east of my family farm travelling on a curvy gravel road running parallel to the North Dakota border (for a few miles the road is... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Gettin’ down and dirty

A true farm girl isn't afraid to get down and dirty. I put my Agriculture in the City work gloves to good use this weekend helping my mom clean up part of the garden. (To learn more about the Ag in the City event read this blog post I wrote last April). In the photo... Continue Reading →

My road to ag comm

I grew up on a mixed farm in what many people would consider the middle-of-nowhere. There was no 7-Eleven or Starbucks just down the street, and no arcade or mall to waste my time and money at (there still isn't). Instead we had a few friends/family down the road, cows in the pasture and grain in... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Step back in time

Just down the road from my family farm you'll find the Star Mound School Museum. Built in 1886, this one-room schoolhouse sits atop a small hill that pops out of the flat Prairie landscape. The schoolhouse is now a museum and is visited by hundreds of people every year from all over Manitoba, Canada, the United States... Continue Reading →

Birthday reflections

As I creep towards the big 30, I find myself reflecting on the past 28 years of my life. One of my favorite country singers is Martina McBride because of her powerful voice and touching songs. One of those songs is called Blessed. Here are a few lines of the song. I have been blessed And... Continue Reading →

Praying for blue sky

Today I can't help but think of the thousands of people who have been forced from their homes because of the rising flood waters and the thousands of people who are giving of their time and energy to help in the flood fight. As a Winnipegger it's easy to not give a thought to what's... Continue Reading →

Celebrating a farm wife and mom

Beside, not behind, every good farmer (or as I stated last week - real farmer) is a good farm wife. And my mom is just that. Besides being a farm wife, she's also a farm mom. And since there's no "Farmer's Wife Day" (but we all know there should be), I've decided to write a tribute... Continue Reading →

The who’s who of the ag industry

After returning to the office from a recent agriculture event, my boss asked me who was in attendance. I replied, "Basically the who's who of the ag industry." Later that day I started thinking more about that. I attend a lot of ag events, meetings, seminars etc. and it's always the usual suspects in attendance.... Continue Reading →

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