Recipe: Cream Cheese Carrot Cake Trifle

Nothing beats a homemade dessert. Wouldn't you agree? Last week I got home late one evening after wrapping up an evening course with a final exam. While I really wanted to hit the hay, I still had to prepare a dessert for my work Easter potluck lunch the following day. Of course I couldn't just... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Pineapple Carrot Muffins

While rummaging through my fridge the other day I found some crushed pineapple that needed to be used up. I also had some carrots so I decided to combine the two into a muffin. And of course I threw in some cinnamon because it's one of my favourite spices! I think this is a very... Continue Reading →

Beets and Carrots: A Tasty Pink Combination

Nothing beats fresh veggies from the garden. And this summer I found myself missing the delicious produce from my mom's garden. So I was very excited and thankful when a friend shared her family's garden produce with me. She gave me a huge bag full of potatoes, carrots, beets and beans. I was looking for... Continue Reading →

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