Waste Not, Want Not

Growing up I remember my mom saying this when I didn't finish my food. And by the sounds of it, others could benefit from remembering this popular idiom as well. Recently I read that the average American throws away 396 pounds of food each year, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. This statistic doesn't... Continue Reading →

Craving a Canadian Treat

No, I'm not talking about ketchup chips or Smarties... I'm talking about puffed wheat squares. Recently I found myself craving this treat I grew up with. I've been told that this is a Canadian recipe. Many of my American friends are not familiar with these squares. They're very similar to Rice Krispies squares except they... Continue Reading →

Western Canada’s Other Oil Boom

There's an oil boom taking place across the Canadian Prairies but it's not what you think. A different kind of oil - an oilseed - is blooming throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. It's called canola. Canola is a western Canadian success story. The crop was bred at the University of Manitoba in the 1970s. This... Continue Reading →

A Gathering of #Agnerds

Normally I wouldn't want to be called a nerd but add two letters - ag - to the front of it and I wear the badge proudly. I was just one of many agnerds that gathered in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas) last week to attend Agvocacy 2.0, an AgChat Foundation conference (Twitter hashtag: #acfc12).... Continue Reading →

We’re Not in Manitoba Anymore

I grew up skiing on the hills of Manitoba - not just once in a while, but almost every weekend on the hill close to my family farm. So last weekend I went into my first mountain skiing experience thinking I knew what I was doing, but it quickly became clear to me that this... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Bras and Ball Caps

You know you're a country girl when a highlight of your weekend skiing in the mountains is escaping the city, cruising down a two-lane highway and admiring the cattle grazing in the pasture along the road. During my country drive this past weekend I came across these ball caps sitting on fence posts along a southern... Continue Reading →

Now That’s Good Canadian Music

Lately I've heard so much great Canadian country music on the radio, and some of these artists are from my new province of Alberta. So I thought I'd share some of my current favourite videos with all of you. And if country isn't typically your style, I encourage you to at least give one or... Continue Reading →

Bringing Attention to Food Freedom

Yesterday, February 12, was Food Freedom Day in Canada. Designated by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), Food Freedom Day marks the calendar date when the average Canadian will have earned enough income to pay his or her grocery bill for the entire year. For the past four years the date has fallen on February... Continue Reading →

The Next Generation of Farmers

Several years ago, during college, I wrote a feature article for a class assignment on young farmers being a rare breed in Canada. This week I was reminded of that award-winning article (yes, I won a journalism award for it) when I read Christie Young's comments at a recent ag event. Young, the executive director... Continue Reading →

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