Year of Joy: February

Many things brought me joy in the second month of 2016.  Celebrating my four year anniversary at work.  Family visiting me.  Skiing in the mountains. Long walks outdoors with a good friend.  Exploring new places in the city I live in.  Trying a new fitness class at my gym.  Starting my new marketing course at... Continue Reading →

Year of Joy: January

Most years January tends to drag on as it's filled with cold, cloudy days and limited daylight. However, this year, January seemed to fly by. I can't believe we're already in month two of 2016. Here are some things that brought me joy in January: Iron reps class at the gym. Love squats! Getting my hair... Continue Reading →

It’s my Year of Joy

Stuck on the same page - that's what I felt like last year. But this is a new year - so it's time to turn the page. Several people have encouraged me to declare 2016 a year of something for myself personally. After giving it some thought I've decided that after a challenging 2015, one... Continue Reading →

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