Building Brand Loyalty: Me and Civics

In the marketing world we talk about brand loyalty. This is when consumers become committed to a brand and make repeated purchases. Customers who are loyal to certain brands will make consistent purchases regardless of price or convenience. Last weekend I came across a great example of brand loyalty - myself and Honda Civic cars.... Continue Reading →

Is a Picture Really Worth a Thousand Words?

I'd say yes. And now more than ever. Earlier this week I had the privilege of participating in a CAMA (Canadian Agri-Marketing Association) Ontario webinar on social media strategy hosted by Jay Baer. Jay is the founder of Convince and Convert, a marketing services firm. Jay knows his stuff and is considered the go-to guy... Continue Reading →

A Gathering of #Agnerds

Normally I wouldn't want to be called a nerd but add two letters - ag - to the front of it and I wear the badge proudly. I was just one of many agnerds that gathered in Kansas City, Missouri (not Kansas) last week to attend Agvocacy 2.0, an AgChat Foundation conference (Twitter hashtag: #acfc12).... Continue Reading →

Bringing the Farm to the City

This past weekend I had the privilege of volunteering at the Calgary Stampede Aggie Days. And a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post leading up to Aggie Days called Bees, Beets, Beans and More. If you missed it, check it out here. Aggie Days, a free agricultural adventure for all ages, brings... Continue Reading →

Now That’s Good Canadian Music

Lately I've heard so much great Canadian country music on the radio, and some of these artists are from my new province of Alberta. So I thought I'd share some of my current favourite videos with all of you. And if country isn't typically your style, I encourage you to at least give one or... Continue Reading →

Looking back and looking ahead

With all the busyness, December 31, 2011 snuck up on me and I just realized that I should be looking back on the past year. Social media was a big part of my life this past year. I started this blog in April and I look forward to writing each post (all 87, so far).... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: American Friends

Today on Thankful Thursday and American Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the new American friends I've made this past year through various social media such as blogging, Twitter and Facebook. I share a love of agriculture, rural life and/or food with many of these friends. I won't begin to name names as I don't want to... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: New Friends and Cupcakes

If you're a regular reader of this blog you've probably figured out by now that my Wordless Wednesdays are not really wordless. Guess I'm not really a wordless kind of girl. I love sharing photos but usually feel they need some kind of caption. Maybe one day I'll surprise you all with a real Wordless Wednesday... Continue Reading →

IFAJ: Experiencing new world agriculture

Last week I participated in the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists (IFAJ) Congress in Ontario, Canada. The congress theme, Experience New World Agriculture, showcased how Canada’s relatively young agricultural sector (compared to many other IFAJ member countries) is making a place for itself globally. The event began in Guelph, a hub of agricultural research and innovation,... Continue Reading →

Back to my old stomping ground

Earlier this week  I made the trek south to the border town of Gretna, Manitoba to visit one of my old high schools and give a presentation to the Agriculture Class on ag and social media. Gretna lies on the International border and has a population of approximately 500 (For more info. visit the town website... Continue Reading →

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