Follow the field: Seeding

What does it take to get that loaf of bread into your hands? Wheat grown by a farmer is ground into flour and used to make that bread. Rewind the process and you begin with a wheat seed. Wheat is the cornerstone of many of the world's most basic foods. I've decided to start a... Continue Reading →

Between here and there

This past weekend my friend and I took a road trip down to Minneapolis. Of course the purpose of the trip was shopping, but because this is an agriculture blog, I won't ramble on about the good deals we scored! Rather, I want to write a bit about what's happening in the fields between here... Continue Reading →

Celebrating a real farmer

Anyone can call themselves a farmer but that doesn't always mean they're a real farmer. To use an ag analogy, it's kind of like separating the wheat from the chaff - separating the real farmers from the hasbeens or the wannabes. This blog post is dedicated to a real farmer - my dad - who turns... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: Signs of Spring

This past weekend I escaped the city and went to the family farm. I love the wide open spaces of the prairies and breathing in the fresh country air. I will always be a country girl! During my time at the farm I was able to snap a few photos of spring. After a long... Continue Reading →

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