Wordless Wednesday: Bras and Ball Caps

You know you're a country girl when a highlight of your weekend skiing in the mountains is escaping the city, cruising down a two-lane highway and admiring the cattle grazing in the pasture along the road. During my country drive this past weekend I came across these ball caps sitting on fence posts along a southern... Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday: An Upside Down Christmas

While backpacking in New Zealand last December I saw a few upside down Christmas trees. Apparently they're popular in that part of the world. Here's a photo I snapped of an upside down Christmas tree hanging in a restaurant in Queenstown, NZ. There's even a few presents "under" the tree! Would you ever have an... Continue Reading →

Seize the Day

Kia Ora Mates! A year ago today I was on a plane headed around the world to the amazing countries of New Zealand and Australia. After 21 hours in the air, I arrived in Auckland, New Zealand on Dec. 3. I stayed for a month, first touring both islands of New Zealand with a tour company called... Continue Reading →

Birthday reflections

As I creep towards the big 30, I find myself reflecting on the past 28 years of my life. One of my favorite country singers is Martina McBride because of her powerful voice and touching songs. One of those songs is called Blessed. Here are a few lines of the song. I have been blessed And... Continue Reading →

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